I am Fleur, your photographer at Ruby Lane located in Bairnsdale, Victoria. While I love snapping landscape photos and meddling my hands in food and commercial photography, my real passion lies with playing with the kids to get the best shot, creating gorgeous keepsakes of your newborn baby and freezing those memorble family moments. 

I wasn't always comfortable around kids or babies, but after a few friends and family members begging me to take photos of their kids or newborn baby I've grown to adore them, working with parents to capture those special little moments, and creating memories you will treasure forever. 

I am passionate about making sure that your baby is safe at all times. I hold a certificate in Newborn Photography through the Academy of Newborn Photography and I am a qualified first aider trained specifically in infant CPR. Also, all of my immunisations and shots, including whooping cough are up to date. Outside of the viewfinder vision, I love a good coffee and spending time outdoors amongst nature. And I love, just love wandering the antique shops to find an old knick knack or some hidden gems. 

Thanks for stopping by!


our covid-safe plan.

We're taking the proper precautions of keeping a COVID-safe plan to keep our clients and their families safe. We will be following the current safe hygiene procedures and all current risk reduction plans. You will be required to sign in via the QR code on arrival to the studio. We also require that all clients are double-vaccinated upon booking with Ruby Lane.


  • Any pre-session meetings will be held over the phone.

  • No extended family to attend the studio sessions


  • If photographer reports feeling unwell they will self isolate and session will be postponed.

  • If a photographer is confirmed to have COVID-19, they will isolate for a minimum of 14 days and any close contacts are to monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice.


  • All equipment being used for a shoot is cleaned prior to being used and after.

  • All studio props and items are cleaned and sanitised prior to being used and after. 

  • Studio is cleaned prior to client's arrival and after.

  • Client/s are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment.

  • Photographer will not assist in taking photos using another person’s camera/phone.


  • Photographer will carry hand sanitiser and hand-washing practice is in place.

  • Hand Sanitiser is available in the studio.

Face Masks

  • If social distancing cannot be achieved safely then a face mask will be worn.

  • You may request your photographer to wear a face mask, for the entirety of the session.