children session guide.

"Photography is about capturing souls not smiles" 

- Dragan Tapshanov

My children sessions run for around 45 mins and are relaxed and light-hearted to let your child's personality shine through! These are outdoor sessions captured in those gorgeous hours before sundown. 

Following the session, you will recieve an online gallery within 7 days. After you have placed your print order you will receive your full collection in 14 days.

collection 1 $175

10 high-res digital files

10 5x7 high quality prints

20% deposit required to secure date

collection 2 $250

All high-res digital files

15 5x7 high quality prints

20% deposit required to secure date

canvas prints

Canvas Print 1 (42cm x 28cm) ~ $95

Canvas Print 2 (61cm x 41cm) ~ $160

Canvas Print 3 (88cm x 58cm) ~ $290

More print products such as larger prints, larger canvases and photo albums are available on enquiry.


styling suggestions

  • Choose colours that compliment each other and not necessarily matching colours (pastel, earthy tones photograph beautifully!)

  • Consider your home décor style when picking out your outfits, since some of these photos will likely be displayed around your home.

  • Keep location in mind and pick out items of clothing that will compliment your background and not clash with it. And use the season to help with colour schemes for your outfits.

  • Try to limit large logos and fluro colours as sometimes these can overpower your photo.

  • And remember to choose practical clothing items, you want to feel comfortable and confident in your outfits!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your outfits for the session, we know it can be tough sorting outfits!! See below for some colour palette inspiration.